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Andrés González Barrios - Head of Department – Associate Professor
biological Engineering – genome-scale models of microorganism – metabolic engineering – molecular biology, rational protein design – statistical thermodynamics – stochastic kinetics biological processes – stability analysis

Oscar Alvarez  Associate Professor
advanced materials – rheology of complex media – colloidal systems – product design in food and beverage industry – optimum design of emulsions – blood substitutes design – study of product / process / property relationship in the colloidal systems area – design of porous ceramic

Jorge Mario Gómez - Associate Professor
process design – simultaneous optimization of the design and process control – real time optimal control (Dynamic Real -Time Optimization) – optimization for sustainable operations – optimal design of products

Pablo Ortiz - Associate Professor
advanced materials – renewable energies – photocatalyst for hydrogen generation and water treatment – Perovskite solar cell – life cycle analysis


Rocío Sierra - Associate Professor
lignocellulosic materials – kinetic models – systems optimization - MixAlco® fermentations – simulation of downstream” MixAlco® fermentation – use and utilization of organic waste – use and utilization of non bioconvertibles waste – Process simulation, exergy calculations y life cycle analysis applied to waste biochemical processing 

Felipe Salcedo - Associate Professor
polymeric nano compounds – biodegradable polymers – relationships/properties/structure/processing of polymeric materials – thermal analysis – rheology of polymers


Nicolás Ríos Ratkovich Associate Professor
computational fluid dynamics (CFD) – fluid mechanics – two-phase flow (gas-liquid and oil) in pipes – Cyclone Separators – Turbomachinery (pumps and compressors) – refrigeration systems (Evaporation and Condensation) – Heat exchangers – Agitation and mixing – bubble columns – heat and mas transfer - rheology – membrane bioreactor (MBR) – wastewater treatment


Diego Pradilla Associate Professor 
interfacial properties – adsorption of surfactant agents – liquid-liquid, liquid-air interfacial phenomena in oil-water systems – Friction reducing agents – well fluids in porous media 


Luis Humbero Reyes - Associate Professor
Bioprocess engineering - bioprospection - molecular and synthetic biology - reverse engineering of microorganisms - nanobiotechnology.


Alicia Porras - Assistant Professor
Composite materials – Natural fibers/ Agro-industrial waste – Biopolymers – Recycled polymers – Extraction and surface modification of natural fibers –   Manufacturing and Materials Processing – Eco-Friendly Product Design - 3D Printing & Sustainability.


María Hernandez Carrion -  Assistant Professor
Functional foods - New preservation and processing technologies - nano and macroencapsulation - sensory analysis


Sivia Restrepo Titular Professor


Andrea del Pilar Sánchez - Assistant Professor